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Buku Dominoes

For centuries, the game of dominoes has been loved by every age and culture. Now Buku Dominoes brings the experience to a fun online game. Play 2 different game types online plus many more available in the full version of the game. Dominoes continues to be one of the most popular strategy games in the world, and Buku Dominoes is the champion favorite. Try it online and then download the full version for free!
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1 Toshiro  
When my son was about 18m old he heard Daddy shout Fuck's sake! in the car (driving makes both of us swear terribly). He gfluleley repeated it and Daddy ingeniously told him he was saying it wrong it was in fact pronounced For cake! . Good save! For cake! became an expression of frustration in our house for a long while. My son also used to shout Pump! angrily whenever he got cross or frustrated no idea where he got that one from, but it was absolutely hilarious!Now they are 4 and 8, whenever they come out with something inappropriate (and luckily it's never worse than damn or bloody) we tell them that's one of Grandad's words and they instantly stop using it. Not entirely sure why this works, but it does. Grandad is always the source of the rude words just in case anyone feels sorry for him!

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